Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Posted by Lori on Sunday January 1, 2017

“Immediate difference in clarity.” “The quality and performance is really beyond anything I’ve seen.” “Patients have experienced a significant improvement in sound quality when comparing hearing aids, even to recent technology.” “Patients have noticed improvement when listening to music and improvement for clarity of softer voices.” The above are just…

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How Does Heart Health Impact Hearing Health?

Posted by Lori on Wednesday February 1, 2017

With February upon us and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to take a look at research concerning how heart health and hearing health are connected! Research data reveals a link between hearing health and cardiovascular health. In fact, the two often correspond, a healthy cardiovascular system appears…

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When NOT to Wear Your Hearing Aids

Posted by Lori on Wednesday March 1, 2017

I love how comfortable my hearing aids are, but sometimes I forget they are there. And while this is a wonderful thing — and there is little I can’t do while wearing hearing aids — there are a few times when remembering you have incredibly advanced technology in-or-on your ears is…

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3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Hearing Care Follow-up Appointments

Posted by Lori on Saturday April 1, 2017

Like your car, teeth, and even your financial portfolio, your hearing aids and hearing health can benefit from routine care and maintenance. After a hearing aid fitting, your hearing healthcare professional will likely recommend follow-up appointments. These routine visits offer great opportunities to ask your hearing professional questions, have maintenance…

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8 Things Untreated Hearing Loss Can Impact

Posted by Lori on Monday May 1, 2017

Hearing loss is as unique to each person as a fingerprint. No one person has the same type of loss in each ear, nor do people get hearing loss the same way. But, what everyone with hearing has in common are the 8 possible things that hearing loss can indirectly…

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How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Hearing Aids

Posted by Lori on Wednesday May 31, 2017

Just like cars, hearing aids require a certain degree of routine maintenance to keep them functioning at optimal capacity. And while some  maintenance items should be used only by the manufacturer or by us, there are many other preventative measures that you can complete regularly to ensure that your hearing…

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Who says you can’t enjoy music because you have hearing loss?

Posted by Lori on Wednesday June 28, 2017

Music is loved and appreciated worldwide for its ability to bring people together and soothe the soul. People who suffer from hearing loss often mourn the loss of the ability to hear and appreciate music the way they did when their hearing was better. Until recently, the best that hearing…

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The Five Stages of Hearing Loss

Posted by Lori on Thursday July 27, 2017

Helping you hear better is our goal, and because that is our focus every single day you can be sure we’re familiar with the process people go through as hearing becomes a challenge. You can also be sure that we’re here to help no matter what stage you’re in. From…

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Everything you Need to Know About Hearing Aid Batteries

Posted by Lori on Wednesday September 6, 2017

Batteries are one of the most important things when it comes to hearing aids. Hearing aids need a steady source of power from a quality hearing aid battery in order to run effectively and properly. A low battery or defective battery can significantly impair the performance of a hearing aid.…

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What are the most frequent causes of hearing loss?

Posted by Lori on Tuesday October 3, 2017

  October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. That seems like a good time to remind everyone that exposure to loud noise is the leading cause of hearing loss. It’s also one of the few causes that people can actually do something about.   Today, more than ever, we have…

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Top Tips of Information

Posted by Lori on Sunday October 15, 2017

The very first issue to do should be to learn if your information appeared to be compromised in a very data break. Item information is just one of the effective equipment which could help out with boosting the particular conversion level. Whether or not you wish to choose which includes…

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14 Great Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids

Posted by Lori on Thursday November 2, 2017

Got hearing loss but don’t want to wear hearing aids? Today’s hearing aids have a lot more upside than just looking significantly more stylish than their predecessors. 1. You can hear again: Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. 2. Your spouse will be relieved: They’ll be…

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Holiday Travel Tips for People who wear Hearing Aids

Posted by Lori on Friday December 1, 2017

The holidays are typically one of the busiest travel seasons as millions of people hop in planes, trains and automobiles to visit family and friends. It can also be one of the more stressful times of the year. According to Prevention magazine, 90 percent of Americans report stressing over at…

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How can I adjust my hearing aid volume and memories?

Posted by Lori on Thursday December 28, 2017

Your hearing aids are designed to seamlessly adjust to your everyday listening situations. This means that as you go from a busy coffee shop to a windy park to your quiet home, your hearing aids will automatically adapt to your changing environments. Soft sounds (like fingers typing on a keyboard)…

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What is ear infection hearing loss?

Posted by Lori on Thursday December 28, 2017

Hearing loss can be caused by a number of different factors including aging, injury, noise exposure, infection and heredity. Those factors affect the auditory nerve, causing a sensorineural hearing loss, the most common type of hearing loss. But did you know an ear infection can also cause hearing loss? Hearing…

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