Background Noise: Overtaking the Sounds of Summer

Posted by Lori on Friday August 1, 2014

There are many sounds surrounding us during summertime. The lawn mower, outdoor music and children at a lemonade stand yelling, “Lemonade, 50 cents!”, there are many sounds we look forward to. Do you ever have the overwhelming feeling that there are too many sounds around you? Many people who suffer from hearing loss experience a blending of sounds due to increased background noise. Being around a large group or eating at a restaurant can often cause those with hearing loss to hear distorted sounds because they are unable to filter out the existing background noise.

There are many different solutions if you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss. With improvements in hearing aid technology, you and the professionals at Professional Hearing Center can work towards finding a hearing solution that filters out existing background noise so you can focus on the sounds close to you.

Summer is short and sweet. Don’t miss out on the simple pleasures of life by being overwhelmed with noise around you. Call and schedule an appointment with Professional Hearing Center in Fremont and Wahoo today to learn about the different ways hearing aids can help you hear your best.