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Professional Hearing Center Proudly Offers the Following Services:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations & Consultations
Hearing Aid Consultation
Fitting Hearing Aids

Repair and Service all Brands of Hearing Aids
Tinnitus Management
Hearing Protection

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations & Consultations
Hearing Aid Consultation
Fitting Hearing Aids
Repair and Service all Brands of Hearing Aids
Tinnitus Management
Hearing Protection

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elderly man getting a hearing test

Why You Should Schedule a Hearing Evaluation & Consultation

Hearing loss is the third most experienced physical condition for adults worldwide. Right now, there are an estimated 48 million Americans suffering from a decrease in hearing. That’s 1 out of 5 people, many of whom go untreated. By age 65, 1 out of 3 people will experience hearing loss.

Other Compelling Reasons

Hearing loss is a major public health concern and can affect people of all ages. Depending on the cause, hearing loss may be sudden or gradual as well as temporary or permanent. Undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss can have adverse consequences on both our physical and mental health.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent future problems and conditions. Many people wait until difficulty hearing has already begun and by that time may have been living with hearing loss for several years.

Hearing loss risks increase with age and individuals over age 60 are recommended to seek annual hearing checkups in order to catch and diagnose hearing problems early.

Your Hearing Aid Consultation

If you have been recently diagnosed with hearing loss, then hearing aids are the likely solution recommended by your local hearing specialist. When it comes to managing hearing loss and choosing a new hearing aid, there is a lot to consider and a wealth of information to understand before making a selection.

It can be confusing and even overwhelming deciding what device may be right for you. Which style of hearing aid you choose and the technologies inside depend on the type and severity of your hearing loss. Fortunately, with the help of a hearing professional, you may rest assured that you will select the appropriate hearing device that fits your specific need.

Hearing Aid Exam Results

During your consultation, your hearing specialist will review with you the results of your comprehensive hearing examination. Together you will discuss what types of sounds you may not be hearing, any indication of permanent hearing loss, and what solutions may be suitable for your needs.

After analyzing your hearing results, your hearing specialist may recommend a hearing aid for one or both ears and explain how hearing aids can support and help with your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Options

Hearing aid technology and personalization options have advanced a great deal in recent years. There are many hearing aid styles and features available, each serving a specific need. A hearing specialist’s goal is to find the right one for you. Expect to be able to see and handle different hearing aid styles during your consultation.

Typically, hearing aid recommendations are based on 3 criteria:

  • Hearing Loss Severity
  • Personal Lifestyle
  • Financial Circumstances

Once your selection has been made, your hearing specialist may take impressions of your ears (depending on hearing aid style) for a custom fit hearing device. Often hearing aids must be ordered from the manufacturer and then programmed by your hearing specialist in order to benefit your hearing needs; because of this it is not always possible to receive your hearing aids the same day.

We Repair and Service All Brands

The hearing aid is an incredible little piece of technology. Even with their miniature size, they house a great deal of state-of-the-art components that perform advanced operations all day every day. But like all devices, they will on occasion require maintenance.

Fortunately, we repair and service all brands, models, and variety of hearing aids, regardless of whether you purchased your device from us or not. No matter its condition or age, we can do so right here from our office.

If your device requires a complex repair or for repairs covered by warranty, we can send your hearing aid directly to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Common Reasons Hearing Aids Fail

  • Earwax – Often hearing aids simply require a thorough cleaning to bring them back to working order.
  • Moisture – The electronic components of a hearing aid may be damaged if exposed to too much moisture such as from showers, sweat, or high humidity.
  • Defect – Like many devices, failure may be caused by a manufacturing defect. Often this would be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Getting Your Hearing Aids Cleaned & Checked

A hearing aid is a wonderful tool for improving your hearing health and overall quality of life, ensuring you never miss out on important life moments. However, like any sophisticated electronic device, if you don’t commit to regular check-ups and maintenance, your hearing aids will eventually encounter problems.

Fortunately, your local hearing specialist is here to ensure your hearing aids stay in excellent working condition and support your hearing health throughout the life of your hearing instrument.

Hearing Protection

The world is a noisy place, which is a good thing. Your ears need sound as much as your body needs food. But there are limits. Benjamin Franklin could have been talking about hearing loss when he said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Talk to us about hearing protection devices for any noisy environments where you work or play. For hunters, we carry digital hearing protection devices that enhance environmental awareness while also protecting your hearing from gun blasts, which come in either an instant fit or custom product.

Tinnitus Treatment

Although Tinnitus cannot be “cured” 100%, there are methods of treatment that can reduce or mitigate the symptoms you are experiencing. Depending on the cause of your tinnitus, there are different treatment methods available to those seeking relief. Your local audiologist can assist you in determining your symptoms, the severity, and the possible causes behind your tinnitus.

Once your hearing specialist has assessed your symptoms and the possible causes of your tinnitus, a solution may be recommended. Treatment may be as simple as a thorough ear cleaning or behavioral therapy to help you block out the noise of mild tinnitus but moderate to severe tinnitus may be best treated by the use of a hearing device.

Hearing aids have been very successful in the treatment of tinnitus even if hearing loss is not present. Many of today’s hearing aids can be equipped with noise-masking features that help to cover or filter the effects of tinnitus, providing relief from the undesired noise.

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